Northern Wonder

electro-pop joy


Emerging artist/producer NORTHERN WONDER can be a KEY ASSET for your brand in ENGAGING MILLENNIALS and building an UPLIFTING EMOTIONAL CONNECTION with your consumers.


What we are offering:

·      FREE use of NORTHERN WONDER’s catalogue of songs for use in your brand’s ad campaigns, retail stores and more

·      FREE promotion of your brand to our PASSIONATE FANBASE on social media (7,000+ impressions) in exchange for the publicity you provide us thru ad placement(s)

·      CUSTOMIZED SONGS/AUDIO BRANDING for your brand in NORTHERN WONDER’s INSPIRING, UPLIFTING style for use in advertising, at a fraction of the price of a third-party music production house


How can we offer these services for free/at such discounted rates?

Since NORTHERN WONDER is an emerging artist/producer, the publicity we receive from working with you is so valuable that we are offering you our song catalog for free.  You can be a part of helping NORTHERN WONDER BREAK THROUGH and create GRATITUDE in fans/consumers that leads to ADVOCACY and INTENT TO PURCHASE for your brand.

We are looking for brands that share NORTHERN WONDER’s INSPIRATIONAL, YOUTHFUL image to partner with, and we’re reaching out to YOU because we believe NORTHERN WONDER will compliment and enhance your brand with our music.  Jump on the emerging artist bandwagon for your marketing goals.  We would love to partner with you.


You can listen to NORTHERN WONDER’s catalog at:

And watch NORTHERN WONDER’s videos at:


Below is a video example of how NORTHERN WONDER’s music can create an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION to your brand:

We would love to connect with you to discuss how NORTHERN WONDER can partner with you to achieve your marketing goals.  Please reply to TJ Smith at to set up a time to connect.